Photo for article: Summertime Meals

Summertime Meals

Free Breakfast & Lunch at Washington for kids

Check out this great opportunity for kids to eat free breakfast and lunch at the Washington Building all summer (804 Oak Street).  More information is here. 

Photo for article: Facilities Addition Moving Forward

Facilities Addition Moving Forward


A new facilities project was approved by the Board of Education to help address the district’s enrollment growth and dwindling space. The project will include a new secure entryway to Riverside School, as well as the addition of seven new classrooms.

The $2.09 million project will be added to the north side of the building, and it will give Riverside and other schools much needed space. Click here to watch a video about it. 

Photo for article: Protect Our Turf

Protect Our Turf

Brainerd Class of 2015 Triumphs!

Brainerd High School seniors took on a 5 day fundraiser to purchase a cover for the artificial turf on Adamson Field so their graduation and other future community events can enjoy the field.  They succeeded with great victory in raising over $22,000 and the school board agreed unanimously to complete the cost need to purchase the interlocking cover which will protect the turf!  Photo credit to Kelly Humphrey and the Brainerd Daily Dispatch. 


Photo for article: National Blue Ribbon Schools Celebration

National Blue Ribbon Schools Celebration

FREE Carnival for K-4th graders and their families

The Brainerd Public Elementary Schools and PTO/PTA groups are planning a district-wide carnival celebrating the six 2014 National Blue Ribbon Schools awards. Come with your K-4th grader for a fun night! It will be on May 29th from 5-8pm at Forestview Middle School and will include bounce houses, entertainment, music, concessions & games. Click here for more info!