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Easy Ways to Add Exercise To Your Day:

Stand up to take phone calls. Go for a walk at lunch. Take the stairs. Park your car as far from the door as possible. Walk or ride your bike to your destination. If you’re really busy at work, stretch/exercise at your desk. Have a question for a coworker? Walk to their desk instead of sending an email. Schedule adventurous weekend activities like bike rides, park dates or easy day-hikes. Play fitness oriented video games, like Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution. Dance around your house just for fun. Clean. (It totally counts as exercise.) Play with your pets. Garden, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc. Anytime you have an extra 5-10 minutes to spare, do a few sets of bodyweight exercises (squats, lunges,push-ups, burpees, etc.).


Who to Contact

Stephanie Kubas photo

Stephanie Kubas
Elementary Schools District Nurse

Barb Greatens Photo

Barbara Greatens
Middle School District Nurse

AImee Jambor
Aimee Jambor
High School District Nurse

LaCoe Inwards
LaCoe Inwards
Student Health Services Secretary

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